About NV5

NV5: Delivering Solutions – Improving Lives

NV5 provides engineering and consulting services to public and private sectors, delivering solutions through five business verticals: Infrastructure, Program Management, Environmental, Energy, Construction Quality Assurance, and Technology. With offices nationwide and abroad, NV5 helps clients plan, design, build, test, certify, and operate projects that improve the communities where we live and work.

As engineers, architects, construction/program managers, and environmental professionals, we play a significant role in shaping our communities through the services we provide. From designing the water systems we rely on; streets and bridges our kids use to get to school; buildings and resorts we enjoy; and the electricity/gas we use to power our homes and businesses, to testing materials used to construct high-rise buildings and responding to environmental disasters, our everyday decisions make lasting impacts. NV5 takes pride in helping our clients develop and deliver cost-effective, sustainable projects that improve lives in our communities. Our combined capabilities bring effective solutions to complex issues.


  • Leading provider of professional and technical engineering and consulting solutions with a 70-year history
  • #34 on the ENR Top 500 Design Firms list
  • #18 on the ENR Top 100 Pure Designers list
  • More than 100 offices worldwide
  • More than 4,000 employees
  • Specialized Capabilities across 6 verticals:
    • Infrastructure
    • Program Management
    • Environmental
    • Energy
    • Construction Quality Assurance
    • Technology

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