March 2021 Newsletter

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March 2021


Changes to National Environmental Policy Act Regulations

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations have not been revised for decades, but this changed in 2020.

By Eric R. Johnson, CHMM, AICP

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NV5 Supports Pandemic Safety in Schools

NV5 has been assisting local school districts in the Richland, Washington area as they prepared for reopening following the COVID-19 shutdowns.

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Fire Safe? Answer These Critical Questions About Building Fire Protection

Considering these questions about facility features, operations, and fire safety personnel can help facility managers improve the fire safety of their buildings.

By Rich Kobelski and Dan Kester
Building Operating Management
February 2021

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Updated OSHA Requirements for COVID-19

Multiple states have state OSHA agencies and numerous states have state-specific COVID-19 requirements, many of which are now taking enforcement actions.

By Courtney Henderson

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Mitzi Miller, TNI Session Chair and Presenter

Mitzi Miller, Environmental Program Manager at NV5, presented two separate sessions during the annual Forum on Environmental Accreditation hosted by The NELAC Institute (TNI).

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