NV5 Invited Participant in ASCE Future World Vision Summit

NV5’s Lisa Kay was part of the Future World Vision Leadership Summit, an invitation only full-day event immediately preceding the ASCE International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure in November 2019. The Summit brought together business, industry, and government leadership from across the world to develop proposed actionable solutions toward improving infrastructure resilience to meet the future world’s needs. This summit resulted in commitments from attendee organizations and ASCE to take proactive steps toward ensuring more resilience in our work and increased industry standards. NV5 has made a proactive commitment to infrastructure resilience as active thought leaders contributing to infrastructure sustainability. NV5 is a charter member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure and a member of the Zofnas Sustainable Infrastructure Board at Harvard where NV5 is well represented by Linda Reardon and Kathy Collins.
NV5 was a major sponsor of the ASCE International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure in November. NV5’s Ghina Yamout was a member of the conference planning committee and chairperson of “Let’s Connect” at the conference. Let’s Connect was a speed-dating style meet and greet with key members of government agencies. Ghina was also instrumental the conference outreach program for local high school girls called “Girls to Green” to encourage young women to pursue engineering careers.

Other NV5 folks in attendance at the conference included Jeff Cooper, PE and Jacqueline McMillen, PE.