In the Field of Real Estate Due Diligence

By Jeff Coyne, Senior Vice President with GRS Group, an NV5 Company 

Last month, Jeff Coyne, based out of the NV5 office in Denver, CO was asked to train CBRE’s inaugural class of new Analysts and Interns from across the county on the importance of real estate due diligence.

The class of 20 interns and analysts worked thru a variety of tasks, including the red flags of PCA and Phase I due diligence, the ins and outs of agency Multifamily reporting and culminated with a tour of the building led by Jeff and the building engineer.  As CBRE owns and manages the building where the office is located, the analyst/intern team were given full access to the entire building.

The walk-thru began on the lowest level of the building and covered the issues around parking lots, water intrusion, sewer and utilities, environmental concerns, and discussions of the water table and its mitigation, parking, pavement costs, and more. The group then went to the office to note the upgrades and amenities, and to see the ground floor retail units.  The team went up a couple of levels of the building – one vacant and the CBRE office level – to go over the approach from “white space/vacant” vs. “occupied” and finished in the upper levels where the major building systems are located.  The highlight was the roof walk – where the group got to see the views from atop a 30-story downtown high-rise building.