NV5 Disaster Response Services

Our thoughts are with those impacted by Hurricane Ian including our clients, employees, and partners. Our team is at the ready to support recovery and rebuilding, as we have through prior disasters and catastrophic events.

NV5 supports disaster recovery for all disasters including extreme weather and support in rebuilding for resiliency.  From hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes to fires, oil spills, and radiation-related incidents, we respond to both natural and manmade disasters and assist with recovery efforts – deftly ensuring environmental, building code, and worker safety and health compliance throughout the process. Insurance policy claims we handle at NV5 include water damage assessment, moisture investigations, mold, and asbestos; and underground storage tank (UST) coverage, pollution legal liability (PLL), contractor pollution liability (CPL), and natural resource damages (NRD). We also assist clients in preparing for disasters ahead of time by identifying hazards and potential scenarios, developing emergency management plans, and establishing emergency service agreements.


  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Environmental Sampling & Data Intake
  • Asbestos, Lead, Mold, & Radioactive Material Assessments
  • Remediation Oversight & Project Management for Hazardous Material Discharges
  • Structural Inspection, Testing, & Repair
  • Emergency Management Assessment & Planning

NV5 has the team to respond quickly and provide thorough service during difficult post-disaster response operations, contact us at 833.522.1685 or Environmental@NV5.com