Zoning Reports

Timothy Van Zant, Zoning Operations Manager with GRS Group, an NV5 Company

Zoning reports have become increasingly important in the due diligence process of Commercial transactions, as they offer an in-depth analysis of a property’s compliance to a specific municipality’s zoning and/or land use ordinances. It provides those involved in the transaction with valuable information affecting decisions and understanding the risks involved in purchasing the property. In addition, it is also valuable to the Title Insurer in the preparation of the Zoning Endorsements in the title policy.

NV5’s zoning reports are written to conform to industry standards and consist of a Zoning Verification Letter that provides current information relevant to the zoning district, any special approvals the property may have received from the municipality, and in some instances whether the municipality considers the property in compliance with the associated requirements as to use, building setbacks, height restrictions, density restrictions, parking requirements etc. Additionally, the report confirms if any zoning, building and or fire code violations exist. The zoning report further confirms, with the review of an NV5 Survey, if the property is in compliance with the specific development requirements. It will also provide the information necessary to determine what is required to rebuild a property in the event of damage or destruction of all or part of the property. Finally, the report will indicate if it is legally conforming, legally nonconforming, or nonconforming, and any additional information provided by the municipality, as well as identify any identified deficiencies.

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