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Butsko Is Now NV5


Butsko Utility Design, Inc. (Butsko), a leading provider of utility planning and design services, was acquired in January 2018. Since 1994, Butsko has been known as the single source for clients’ dry utility – electrical, telephone, cable television, fiber optics and natural gas – planning, management, design and engineering needs. Its team of professional engineers, designers, planners and utility systems experts combine current methodologies with new and future technology in the utility industry. They have served a variety of sectors, including master planned communities, commercial and industrial, shopping centers, corporate and commercial centers, academics, hospitality, government and state municipalities and agencies. Recent large-scale projects include Playa Vista, a Los Angeles Master Planned Community, Mid Coast Light Rail, The San Diego Bayfront Master Plan, Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California Logistics Airport, and Victorville Municipal Utility Services.

Our Mission:

Butsko Utility Design, Inc. is committed to being a leader in planning, consulting, and engineering services within the utility and energy industries. We are dedicated to public and private sector client satisfaction while establishing long-term relationships by providing technical expertise, project control, measurable results, and value.

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Land Development


Identifying the utility related issues, as a part of a site acquisition proforma, land use planning or tentative map preparation is critical in determining how the project can be best utilized. Understanding the potential conflicts that may occur between existing utility systems and proposed project improvements in the early stages of the project will help you to determine what should be anticipated. Butsko is experienced in site due diligence by regularly performing these site studies on a weekly basis for lenders, utility companies, municipalities, developers and engineer/land planners. Butsko’s utility research includes obtaining utility company as-builts/facility maps, conducting interviews with key utility company staff and field verifying the site conditions.

Accurately determining the magnitude of the utility related costs is essential to the financial success of a project. By utilizing Butsko’s site due diligence information, Butsko can perform cost estimates ranging from comprehensive and detailed to order of magnitude and ballpark. Cost estimating your utility company charges (refundable, non-refundable/taxable), contractor costs (contractor provided material) and facility relocation costs will only be as accurate as your familiarity of the CPUC or utility company rate applications, design methodologies and construction standards. Butsko has extensive work experience with local regulated and non-regulated utility companies. Butsko’s knowledge of each utility provides us with a good foundation to accurately determine utility and applicant responsibilities and the related costs.


When faced with the complex task of reviewing dry utility issues and how they relate to the potential environmental challenges for each development, Butsko is uniquely qualified to answer these questions for clients during the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) stage of development. Every Butsko dry utility study thoroughly covers the complex research needed to complete the EIR including: calculating gas and electric load studies, determining locations of existing dry utilities near each project, researching regional gas and electric transmission/generation infrastructure and investigating California electric industry de-regulation and preparing a site exhibit. Finally, Butsko will respond to the EIR team questions, meet with utility representatives, and prepare the final technical report.


The management and coordination of the utility planning and design process can be complicated and a difficult task. This process usually involves coordinating between each project team member (consultants, contractors, project management, construction management, sales and marketing). By effectively communicating activities and managing tasks, schedules are more likely to be maintained and financial budgets met. Butsko has an internal project management team to ensure clear and timely communication and project control.

Butsko’s team consists of a Principal-In-Charge, Project Manager/Designer and Project Coordinator. Client representation and advocacy is a priority for the Butsko team throughout the life of a project.


Ranging from shared construction responsibilities to turnkey utility installations, Butsko offers its' clients a full range of construction services through its strategic alliances with highly experienced, qualified installers of dry utility systems. Options can range from bid quantities and contractor procurement and utility installation and energizing coordination. By combining the design and construction options and services, better control over the entire utility system process can be achieved.

Design and Engineering


Butsko has established itself as a leader in utility designs as an active participant working with the CPUC implementation of electric and gas "Applicant Design" since January 1996. Butsko has successfully performed more applicant design projects than any other design/engineering firm in California. Applicant Designs are approved by the CPUC as a "permanent" option to help meet the needs of the building industry by providing flexibility, choice and control over the planning and design process.


Butsko has extensive experience in telecommunications design, working for local service providers and designing master planned communities’ communications system infrastructure requirements. Butsko is capable of preparing a preliminary and final communication design that includes trench, conduit, and substructure. In addition, Butsko can create the cabling, and fiber optic design. Butsko will work closely with all team members, review client’s project requirements and prepare a preliminary and final design, and submit for review and final approval by the client and agencies involved.


Butsko’s Lighting Services Division is energy and nighttime sky conscious while providing lighting design and engineering services. Butsko's lighting design experience includes, but is not limited to, public and private streets, parking lots, parks and entertainment projects.

Working closely with Butsko’s staff provides for better coordination in identifying electrical service points for street lights and/ or meter pedestal locations. Butsko’s continued relationship with the client and landscape architects help to establish a clean, coordinated lighting project.


With today’s projects becoming ever complex, Butsko’s concept utility composite exhibits help to consolidate multiple engineering disciplines into a single reference to easily identify potential conflicts early in the project.
Example 1
Example 2


With today’s projects becoming ever complex, Butsko dry utility composite exhibits help to consolidate multiple engineering disciplines into a single reference exhibit for Butsko’s clients, their contractors and other team members. A dry utility composite is a great tool to easily identify potential conflicts early in the project. Working closely with civil engineers, landscape architects and consultants, Butsko’s dry utility composite exhibits can be regularly updated to reflect the project’s most accurate and up to date plans.
Composite Utility Exhibit


The Butsko Utility Design, Inc. Northwest Office have many years of practical Utility experience which lends itself to assisting with overhead equipment condition assessments (poles, guying, overhead transformers, overhead switches, primary, and secondary overhead wires, tree issues, potential code issues). Similarly our Northwest staff is experienced with assessments of underground equipment and systems such as the primary or secondary conduits with cables on poles, vaults, pads, manholes, handholes. Other underground equipment includes: submersible transformers, pad mount transformers, auto transformers, primary and secondary underground cables, and underground switches. Butsko’s staff offers the ability to catalog, identify and assess the Utility equipment and provide accurate records of the specific utility equipment.

Utility Companies / Government


Butsko performs design and engineering services for utility companies and government agencies in California and the Northwest. These service capabilities include: conflict assestment and preliminary engineering, cost estimating analysis and engineering, composite utility exhibits, contractor bid processing and procurement, and construction coordination, overhead electric design, overhead to underground design, electric and gas line extension design, electric system capacity and reinforcement design, telecommunication/fiber ring design, substation getaway design; and electric and gas load analysis and engineering.

Butsko has worked in various capacities on some of the largest and most complex projects throughout the United States with some of the finest names in the development community and utility industry.

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San Diego Division
8470 Redwood Creek Lane, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92126
phone: 858.676.9700
fax: 858.693.4189
Prinicipal in charge:
Gregg A. Butsko, President
Patrick Gorgas, Vice President
Inland Empire Division
26835 Jefferson Avenue, Suite A
Murrieta, CA 92562
phone: 951.834.9920
fax: 951.834.9930
Prinicipal in charge:
Dave Pettersen, Senior Vice President
Orange County / Los Angeles Division
209 Avenida Fabricante, Suite 130
San Clemente, CA 92672
phone: 949.218.1600
fax: 858.693.4189
Prinicipal in charge:
Gregg A. Butsko, President
Northwest Division
18221 102nd Avenue NE
Bothell, WA 98011
phone: 425.775.1827
fax: 858.693.4189
Prinicipal in charge:
Gregg A. Butsko, President
Ashok Nayudu, Division Leader