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Liquefied Natural Gas

Real results come from years of real experience

Natural Gas

Real results come from years of real experience

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Real results come from years of real experience

CHI Engineering is now NV5


NV5 delivers real results for the LNG, Natural Gas and LPG industries. Leveraging 40 years of experience and innovation, our team of dedicated professionals provide unmatched engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services. We bring first-hand knowledge of best practices, facility components and logistics, and the latest technologies to solve our clients’ complex challenges. We make a commitment to keep clients involved in the process and informed as expectations are met and exceeded. Our experience in plant startup, operations, and maintenance is unmatched within the industry. By focusing on these key areas in the beginning design stages, we ensure that the completed project provides our clients with simplified operations and maintenance. At NV5, responsibility and accountability are encouraged at every level. NV5 empowers its professional staff to continuously grow and improve in order to better meet and exceed the expectations of clients in both emerging and established markets.


NV5 delivers process design, detailed engineering, and project engineering services to cchi lients to ensure that each project maximizes cost efficiency from the earliest stages of planning. At NV5, we are focused on refining and improving current processes and practices to provide clients with forward thinking solutions. By implementing proven technologies, we enhance the performance and dependability of every project.


NV5 provides complete procurement solutions including proposal support, RFP preparation, contract negotiations, materials evaluation, transportation logistics support, and management of supplier activities. NV5 maintains strong vendor relationships with key equipment and valve providers to insure schedule commitments are met.


NV5’s construction managers have specific expertise in construction practices and logistics of LNG and NG facilities. With in-house fabrication capabilities, NV5 is able to reduce the disruption to client sites, while maintaining quality and safety standards.


430 West Road Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone: 1-888-538-2141 or 603-433-5654 Fax: 603-431-1721 


NV5 has delivered proven solutions for more than 90 facilities in the liquefied natural gas industry. We continuously refine our processes to deliver innovative engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services.

    • Engineering/Feasibility Studies
    • FEED Packages
    • Satellite LNG Plants
    • Liquefaction Facilities
    • Pre-treatment Facilities
    • LNG Storage and Vaporization Facilities
    • LNG Truck Loading/Unloading Stations
    • Boil-off Compression Systems
    • Plant Modifications and Upgrades
    • Portable LNG Vaporizers
    • LNG Facility Site Assessments
  • Plant Automation and Control Systems, SCADA
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Vapor Dispersion (FLACS) and Thermal Radiation Modeling
  • Motor Starting Transient Analysis
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Plant Operator Training
  • Plant Documentation
  • LNG Tank Foundation Heating Systems
  • Custom/Specialty Equipment Fabrication
  • Modular System Fabrication


NV5 understands the importance of operational facilities and the critical role each facility plays in the natural gas industry. By integrating improved designs into facilities while maintaining existing critical systems and infrastructure, CHI Engineering allows clients to remain operational by selecting and implementing innovative, cost-efficient solutions.

  • Meter and Regulator Station Design and Construction
  • Pipeline Design, Routing, and Construction Management
  • Main Replacement Program Design and Management
  • Chromatograph and Odorant System Installations
  • Network Analysis and Distribution System Design
  • Prefabricated Regulator and Meter Stations
  • Plant and Regulator Station Annual Maintenance
  • Bridge and Rail Crossing Design and Permitting
  • Pipeline Integrity and Code Compliance Review / Audits
  • O&M Standards and Procedures
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Test Plans
  • Launcher and Receiver Design


  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Marine Loading Systems
  • Rail Loading Systems
  • Plant Modifications and Upgrades
  • Plant Automation and Control Systems
  • Plant Operator Training


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NV5 delivers real results for the LNG, NG, and LPG industries. Leveraging 40 years of experience and innovation, we provide unmatched engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services.

NV5 LNG Services  430 West Road Portsmouth, NH 03801

Sales Phone: 888-512-4923 General Inquiries: 603-433-5654 Fax: 603-431-1721

At NV5 LNG Services, we’re not just passionately focused on our clients — we’re also fully committed to the success of each and every one of our employees. As the demand for engineering careers grows, we’re always looking for motivated people we can collaborate and innovate with. This translates into tremendous opportunities, both within our company and as a professional in the engineering/CAD/construction fields.

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