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CivilSource Is Now NV5

Established in 2006, CivilSource, Inc. specializes in the engineering design, construction management and inspection of capital improvement projects, including: streets; traffic systems; water and wastewater systems; drainage and flood control; parks and recreational facilities; vertical construction; and landscaping and grading. Based in Irvine, California, we offer a large network of experts from a variety of engineering fields. Our team of more than 65 personnel includes licensed civil engineers, licensed contractors, construction managers, certified inspectors and experienced public works professionals.

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We are a civil engineering consulting firm offering comprehensive design and program management services specializing in capital improvement projects including street improvements; highways and roadways; traffic systems; water and wastewater systems; drainage and flood control; pump stations; parks and recreational facilities; landscaping and grading plans; and vertical construction.

Our experienced team of professionals uses their in-depth knowledge and project specific data to deliver innovative solutions. Our services include all tasks from project analysis to project completion and close-out documentation. Our field of services includes:


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Irvine, CA 92618
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Amy Amirani, P.E.

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