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With the recent acquisition of Geodynamics LLC, NV5 Geospatial has built a comprehensive suite of geospatial solutions for geospatial surveys of deep water and near-shore environments to deliver detailed insights for coastal management, flood monitoring, ecosystem protection, research and more.

NV5  Acquires Geodynamics

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Geospatial data provides answers to coastline sciences

Coastal Capabilities

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NV5 Geospatial has been at the forefront of collecting and processing high-resolution lidar and orthoimagery for coastal and marine resource programs for over four decades, offering experience in acquiring data with close attention to tides, water clarity, airspace restrictions, and weather patterns to ensure success. We also offer integrated GIS solutions to harness data into actionable information. Guided by coastal geospatial experts, our data products, analytics, and enterprise GIS solutions inform resource management, habitat mapping, and coastal resiliency planning for future generations.

Shoreline Mapping

Using topobathymetric lidar, processing algorithms, feature extraction, and  photogrammetric tools, we model shoreline topography, map the land water interface, and depict coastal features with high detail and accuracy  for effective nautical charting, resource management, urban development,  land management, infrastructure maintenance, and emergency response.

Benthic Habitat Mapping

From topobathymetric lidar data and innovative processing tools, we can classify  benthic and submerged environments (seagrass, kelp beds, algae, coral reefs)  to identify critical habitat for marine species and facilitate effective resource  management. Our radiometric calibration of lidar intensities is a significant  contributor to mapping the underwater environment and sea floor. 

Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Inundation

High-resolution lidar data improves flood hazard maps; predictive flood, storm  surge, and tsunami inundation maps; and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling within  coastal catchments. Our data is advancing coastal intelligence and resiliency to better  protect and prepare communities and shoreline resources in a dynamic coastal  environment.


We have delivered marine eGIS solutions to serve as decision support tools for managing  marine minerals, improving sea turtle safety, and mapping essential fish habitat, and we  have updated environmental sensitivity index (ESI) maps for a number of states to ensure oil  spill response preparedness. Visit our eGIS page to learn more. 

Coastal Land Cover & Change Analysis

With the aid of recurring surveys and temporal comparisons, our trend analyses quantify,  model, and visualize important changes taking place along coastal environments.  Detecting and quantifying these patterns empowers planners and resource managers  to accurately evaluate, respond, monitor, predict or mitigate change, improving  knowledge and enhancing preparedness.

Updated National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)

Combining models of vegetation structure with hydrologic models aids in understanding  how terrain and vegetation affects water movement throughout a watershed. We have  developed a lidar-driven methodology to update the National Hydrography Dataset  (NHD) and improve hydrologic flow modeling and stream network maps for coastal  watersheds.

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