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Marron and Associates, an NV5 Company, (Marron) is a New Mexico-based environmental consulting firm committed to the successful completion of its clients’ projects by delivering excellent, consistent, and reliable environmental services.  Founded 26 years ago, Marron specializes in the preparation of environmental documentation (often pursuant to NEPA), biological and cultural resource management, public involvement, and regulatory compliance.  Marron’s experienced multidisciplinary staff guide projects through their unique complexities and challenges by providing quality technical, regulatory, and project management skills.  Marron strives to identify issues and overcome challenges early in the process to provide practical problem solving, skillful planning, and efficient management for each project.

We support local, state, and federal agencies; tribal entities; government contractors; and commercial customers with comprehensive environmental services. In September 2017, we joined NV5 to expand our ability and to better serve our clients. While our look will be changing, our commitment to delivering value and expertise to our clients will not.

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Environmental Planning and Documentation

  • Environmental Project Management
  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • Fatal Flaw Environmental Analysis
  • NEPA and Other Agency Documentation
  • Administrative Records
  • Visual and Viewshed Analysis
  • Environmental Justice and Socioeconomic Studies
  • Public Involvement and Community Outreach
  • Agency Coordination and Consultation

Biological Resources

  • Alternatives and Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • Agency Scoping
  • Endangered Species Act Compliance
  • Protocol Surveys
  • Section 7 Consultations
  • Biological Surveys (general plant and animal and for Threatened and Endangered Species)
  • Migratory Bird Act Compliance/ Pre-construction Nest Surveys and Relocation
  • Wildlife Corridor Analysis, Feasibility Studies, and Safe Passage Design
  • Wetland Determinations, Delineations, and Reporting
  • Wetland Mitigation and Design
  • Ecological Studies
  • Riparian and Upland Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
  • Mitigation Plans, Implementation, and Monitoring
  • Construction Oversight and Monitoring
  • Clean Water Act (Section 404/401) Permitting and Compliance

Cultural Resources

  • Archival Research
  • Alternatives and Fatal Flaw Analyses
  • Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Cultural Resource Inventories and Reports
  • Historic Preservation (historic buildings and districts, historic roads and bridges)
  • Artifact and Macrobotanical Analysis
  • Curation
  • Treatment Plans
  • Testing and Data Recovery
  • Historic Contexts
  • Cultural Landscapes
  • Section 106 Compliance
  • Native American and Traditional Cultural Properties Consultation
  • Construction Oversight and Monitoring
  • Recommendations for National Register of Historic Places Eligibility
  • State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Coordination


  • Data Management and Integration
  • Translation of CAD Formats Into and Out of GIS
  • Archaeological Database Searches
  • GIS Database Development
  • GPS Field Data Collection and Post-Processing
  • Land Cover and Vegetation Data Collection and Classification
  • Habitat Mapping and Suitability Modeling
  • Wetland Design

Hazardous Materials

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments


  • Oil and Gas
  • Government
  • Infrastructure
  • Land Development
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Tribal
  • Utilities
  • Water Resources
  • Wastewater


Ecological and Cultural Resource Studies for Navajo Area Uranium Mines
Picuris Pueblo Solar Generation Facility

Ecological and Cultural Resource Studies for Navajo Area Uranium Mines

The USEPA proposed to remove mine waste from four former uranium mines in the Ambrosia Lake Sub-District, north of Grants, McKinley County. Marron was tasked with completing ecological and cultural resource studies over 2,300 acres, which included private, state and federal lands. The ecological services included surveys for rare, threatened and endangered species, and identifying critical habitats. Marron also installed monitoring vegetation transects, developed a vegetation map, identified and mapped wetlands, compiled wildlife data and information on ecological conditions, surveyed for raptors, and documented soil types and waterways. After fieldwork was completed and an analysis of the findings was conducted, Marron prepared a Natural Resources Evaluation Report that included a biological evaluation section to address potential impacts to threatened and endangered species and included recommendations to minimize impacts. With respect to cultural resources, seven sites and 180 isolated occurrences were found and recorded. As part of the survey process, client representatives accompanied the field crew and completed Ludlum Scaler Ratemeter readings for every cultural resource found. A variety of cultural sites were recorded including Ancestral Pueblo and historic artifact scatters, historic homesteading, and mining-related sites. Treatment recommendations were based on site eligibility, proposed activities in the area, the Ludlum Scaler Ratemeter reading, and the specific cultural resource found. Marron worked closely with the client to determine treatment recommendations and the survey. All documents were completed on time and within budget.

Picuris Pueblo Solar Generation Facility

The Pueblo of Picuris (Pueblo) and the Northern Pueblos Housing Authority proposed to construct and operate a solar photovoltaic facility, which would consist of a ground-mounted, single-axis array. When operational, the solar panels would tilt to track the angle of the sun to obtain maximum energy.  The electric power produced would be fed into the grid and be purchased by a local electrical co-operative.  The revenue stream from the sale of power would go primarily to the Pueblo and to provide a return to a private equity investor.  The Pueblo would use a portion of the revenue to cover energy costs for the Pueblo and its members, making Picuris Pueblo energy independent and creating a viable model for other tribes.  Additionally, by using solar energy, the Pueblo would reduce fossil fuel energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global climate change.

Marron prepared an environmental assessment (EA) for the approval of a lease for development of the property.  Funding for the project included grants from the Department of Energy, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Enterprise Community Partners. Marron also conducted biological and cultural resource investigations for this project. The Bureau of Indian Affairs issued a Finding of No Significant Impact.

Laguna Wastewater and Sewer Project

This large survey incorporated all resource- and inventory‑related tasks, including an environmental assessment and biological and cultural surveys and corresponding reports. The undertaking consisted of an extensive stimulus‑funded upgrade to the waste water system of Laguna Pueblo with the project area consisting of a web of linear pipeline corridors covering much of the Pueblo. The project involved extensive preliminary planning and consultation with the agencies, tribal officials, and engineers. Resources encountered during the survey included a wide variety of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, numerous historic buildings (commercial, residential, and civic), five extensive acequia systems, portions of historic Route 66, and traditional cultural properties. Biological resources such as wetlands, waterways, protected species habitat, and migratory bird nesting habitat were identified. Marron completed its assigned task on schedule and assisted in the preparation of a Federal Emergency Management Agency Programmatic Agreement to allow the project to move forward with the assurance that additional necessary work will be conducted as needed. Marron was awarded the second phase of this long multi‑year project.

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