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Marron and Associates is now NV5


Over 26 years of experience in New Mexico and the southwest.

Marron and Associates (Now NV5) is an environmental consulting firms with a long tradition of providing a full range of environmental services within New Mexico and the southwest.  Marron offers our clients a staff of professionals in a wide range of technical fields.  We specialize in preparing all levels of environmental documentation (often pursuant to NEPA), biological and cultural resource investigations and reporting, and regulatory permitting and compliance.

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We support local, state, and federal agencies; tribal entities; government contractors; and commercial customers with comprehensive environmental services. In September 2017, we joined NV5 to expand our ability and to better serve our clients. While our look will be changing, our commitment to delivering value and expertise to our clients will not.

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  • Cultural Resources
  • Drone (UAV) Services
  • Environmental Science and Planning
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Natural Resources
  • Phase I and Phase II ESA


Cultural Resources
Site Evacuatiion

Our Experience Runs Deep

Marron has a broad base of experience that covers a full range of services requiring cultural resource compliance and consultation. Our services include all aspects of cultural resource management — from site file searches to data recovery; from attending project team meetings to presenting before the Cultural Properties Review Committee (CPRC); and from preparing text for programmatic agreements to having our work reviewed by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Our seasoned archaeologists have worked throughout the state, have the ability to work on all public and state lands, and meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards. Marron is experienced with the Section 106 process of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA), New Mexico Historic Preservation laws, and specific guidelines of each land management agency [e.g., the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and New Mexico State Land Office (SLO)]. As is so important in obtaining clearances, Marron has built excellent relationships with the regulatory and resource agencies, including the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO). Marron also maintains relationships with many of the tribes and pueblos in New Mexico, which facilitates our ability to conduct tribal consultations regarding sensitive areas and traditional cultural properties.

Marron personnel include specialists in prehistoric and historic archaeology, history, architectural history, historic preservation planning, artifact curation, urban archaeology, and Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) documentation. A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist, an editor, an Information Technology (IT) specialist, and administrative staff support our technical personnel.

Storage Feature.


  • Archival Research
  • Alternatives and Fatal Flaw Analyses
  • Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Cultural Resource Inventories and Reports
  • Historic Building Inventories (one permitted Historian on staff)
  • Historic Preservation (historic buildings and districts, historic roads and bridges)
  • Artifact Analysis and Long-term Curation of Artifacts and Materials
  • Treatment Plans
  • Testing and Data Recovery
  • Historic Contexts
  • Cultural Landscapes
  • Section 106 Coordination
  • Native American and Traditional Cultural Properties Consultation
  • Construction Oversight and Monitoring
  • Recommendations for National Register of Historic Places eligibility
  • State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Coordination


The latest Cloud-based technology systems from ESRI and Trimble are utilized by our teams in the office and in the field.

UAV (Drone) SERVICES — Albuquerque office
We fly locally in New Mexico and nationwide!


With the recent expansion of services at our Albuquerque office, NV5 now offers its cutting-edge UAV (drone) services to markets in the southwest. Aerial mapping can reduce the survey cost of your project and is particularly helpful when surveying expansive, remote, harsh, or hazardous areas. We have more than 100 certified licensed pilots on staff, and a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) to operate at night. Even if you are not ready to map your site, we can acquire the imagery now and hold it until you are.

  • Digital Mapping (Planimetric & Topographic)
  • PLS CADD Modeling & Design
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Ortho Photography
  • LiDAR Acquisition & Processing
  • Volumetrics (Reservoirs, Stock Piles, Landfills)

We are pleased to offer UAV (drone) services to the New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Colorado and West Texas markets. Our level of experience and expertise is unmatched, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

Ordinary-High-Water-Mark and Elevation Contours


High resolution aerial photography and accurate elevation contours enable our clients to make better informed decisions with greater efficiency. Inquire with us for a free consultation. We will craft a UAV solution tailored to your precise needs.


NV5 has over 100 registered pilots nationwide (including New Mexico) and can respond quickly to needs in any region of the country.



NV5’s staff is experienced with the broad requirements and agency-specific procedures needed to successfully apply NEPA when needed and to prepare agency-specific documents, including categorical exclusions (CEs, CXs, or CATEXs), environmental assessments (EAs), environmental impact statements (EISs), environmental reports (ERs), and environmental information documents (EIDs).  Depending on the agencies involved and level of environmental effort, Marron’s documents typically examine the proposed action and alternatives; incorporate the findings of resource surveys that identify the affected environment; analyze data to determine impacts of the proposed alternatives; and provide recommendations and mitigation measures.  Therefore, successfully navigating the environmental clearance process requires an in-depth understanding of the lead agency’s standard procedures, permitting agency requirements, public and stakeholder concerns, and deep expertise in resource issues, impact analysis, and impact avoidance, minimization, and mitigation measures—all of which NV5 brings to the table.

NV5’s environmental analysts include specialists who have completed thousands of documents to differing agencies’ standards; who have developed strong relationships with the local, state, and federal resource and land managing agencies, as well as many of the tribes and pueblos; who are experienced with public outreach efforts; who routinely prepare, plan, and analyze/review technical studies and permit applications; and who understand the different industries NV5 supports, many sectors including energy; housing; infrastructure; oil and gas; transportation; utilities; water, sewer, and wastewater treatment; and private and commercial development. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, an editor, an information technology (IT) specialist, and administrative staff support our technical personnel.

Environmental Science and Planning Services include:

  •         NEPA Compliance 
  •         CEs, EAs, and EISs
  •         ERs, Environmental Information Documents, and Other Agency Formats
  •         Administrative Records
  •         Visual and Viewshed Analysis
  •         Environmental Justice and Socioeconomic Studies
  •         Air and Noise Studies
  •         Public Involvement and Community Outreach
  •         Agency Coordination and Consultation
  •        Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for Hazardous Materials

Powerline Study in central New Mexico.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

High Tech Meets Home Grown

NV5’s New Mexico (based in Albuquerque) GIS personnel include two full-time GIS specialists with over 18 years of combined professional GIS experience.  With a broad range of experience in all aspects of applying GIS to the field of environmental science and planning, our GIS staff works hand-in-hand with our clients to customize mapping for immediate and long-term solutions.  NV5’s national network of GIS specialists allow us to provide robust GIS solutions to our clients at any scale.  We specialize in ESRI software and Trimble hardware, but we also provide AutoCAD and Topcon Total Station solutions when our clients require it.  Many of our staff members are trained and proficient in GIS and can support our GIS department on large-scale projects, both in the office and in the field.

Geographic Information Systems Services include:

  • Data management and integration
  • Translation of CAD formats into and out of GIS
  • Archaeological database searches via New Mexico Cultural Resources Information System (NMCRIS)
  • GIS database development
  • GPS field data collection and post-processing
  • Land cover and vegetation data collection and classification
  • Habitat mapping and suitability modeling
  • Wetland design


  • ESRI ArcGIS 10.6
  • Trimble TerraFlex and Terrasync Professional
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Trimble Insphere and GPS Pathfinder Office
  • Trimble Mapping GPS Receivers and Total Station
  • GoogleEarth Pro


High resolution aerial photography and accurate elevation contours enable our clients to make informed decisions with greater efficiency. Inquire with us for a free consultation. We will craft a GIS solution tailored to your precise needs.


The latest Cloud-based technology systems from ESRI and Trimble are utilized by our teams in the office and in the field.


Eastern Meadowlark

From Low Desert to Montane Woodlands

Marron’s biologists are experienced in providing accurate and concise biological resource documents for terrestrial, aquatic, and riparian habitats as well as wetland project sites throughout New Mexico.  We provide general and species-specific biological surveys as well as produce all levels of documentation, including technical memoranda, agency-specific reports, full biological assessments/evaluations, wetland determination/delineations, wetland mitigation plans and monitoring documentation, and Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting.

General biological surveys include an inventory of vegetation and wildlife present within a site; analyses of habitat suitability for rare, threatened, and endangered species; and the potential for project effects/impacts to sensitive resources.  In addition, we provide identification of migratory bird nest sites; location of raptor roost or nesting sites; documentation of terrestrial wildlife corridors; identification of bat roost locations; and vegetation studies for percent cover, frequency, density, and composition of floristic communities.  Marron also conducts species-specific protocol surveys as required by federal, state, or tribal agencies and maintains a departmental permit to provide surveys within Navajo Nation lands.


Marron also has extensive experience in the identification, determination, and delineation of wetlands, including the completion of hundreds of wetland determinations and delineations and coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Marron also provides wetland mitigation plans including both conceptual and final plans.  Such plans include designs for riparian floodplains, ephemeral waterways and intermittent waterways, perched water tables, and runoff within urban waterways. Marron also conducts monitoring during construction of wetlands as well as long-term monitoring of created wetlands to ensure that required performance standards are achieved.

Chicks in nest.


Discharges of dredge or fill material into waters of the United States (perennial, intermittent, or ephemeral) rivers, streams, washes, or arroyos and adjacent wetlands within the jurisdiction of the USACE may require CWA Section 404 permitting and Section 401 water quality certification.  Marron identifies ordinary high water mark location, provides complete permit applications and associated 404(b)(1) alternatives analyses when required, or completes a preconstruction notification for the use of the nationwide permitting system when notification is required.

Discharges of stormwater or other municipal runoff into waters of the United States may require coverage under the CWA Section 402 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.  Municipalities and associated large operators may be required to obtain authorization for such discharges from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), which is provided as a multi-year Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit.


  • Endangered Species Act Compliance
  • Migratory Bird Act Compliance
  • Clean Water Act (Section 404/401) Permitting and Compliance
  • Alternatives and Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • Biological Surveys (general plant and animal)
  • Biological Surveys for Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Protocol Surveys (e.g., southwestern willow flycatcher, eagles, prairie chicken etc.)
  • Avian Morbidity/Mortality Studies
  • Fish Studies
  • Pre-construction Nest Surveys and Relocation
  • Wetland Determinations, Delineations, Reporting, Mitigation, and Design
  • Biological Assessments and Evaluations
  • Resource Management Plans (RMPs)
  • Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs)
  • Section 7 Consultations
  • Invasive and non-native Species Management
  • Mitigation Plans, Implementation, and Monitoring
  • Construction Oversight and Monitoring
  • Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR)


The latest Cloud-based technology systems from ESRI and Trimble are utilized by our teams in the office and in the field.



Marron works throughout New Mexico on public, private, and tribal lands.  We have prepared Phase I ESAs throughout New Mexico in locations such as Acoma Pueblo, Albuquerque, Artesia, Belen, Bernalillo, Bosque Farms, Carlsbad, Chaves County, Clovis, Cuba, Deming, Edgewood, Española,  Eunice, Farmington, Gallup, Grants, Hobbs, Isleta Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache Nation, Laguna Pueblo, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Los Lunas, Pojoaque Pueblo, Navajo Nation, Santa Fe, Silver City, Tesuque Pueblo, and Truth or Consequences.

Avoiding the Unexpected in Property Transactions

No one likes unexpected problems. Hazardous materials sites are found throughout New Mexico and can surprise the unsuspecting land purchaser. When purchasing or transferring property, government agencies, independent districts, and private companies need Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to complete secure property transactions. Government agencies require Phase I ESAs to minimize liability risk when acquiring property. Banks require Phase I ESAs for commercial property transactions. Marron and Associates (Marron) provides responsive Phase I ESAs services tailored to meet client transaction and schedule requirements.

Phase I ESA Process

Marron adapts the Phase I ESA process to best serve our clients’ needs. We follow the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E 1527-13:  Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I ESA Process. This practice constitutes all appropriate inquiry into the previous ownership and uses of the property consistent with good commercial or customary practices as defined in 42 USC §9601(35)(B).

For more information contact:

Eric Johnson, AICP CHMM

Senior Environmental Project Manager


Ecological and Cultural Resource Studies for Navajo Area Uranium Mines
Picuris Pueblo Solar Generation Facility

Ecological and Cultural Resource Studies for Navajo Area Uranium Mines

The USEPA proposed to remove mine waste from four former uranium mines in the Ambrosia Lake Sub-District, north of Grants, McKinley County. Marron was tasked with completing ecological and cultural resource studies over 2,300 acres, which included private, state and federal lands. The ecological services included surveys for rare, threatened and endangered species, and identifying critical habitats. Marron also installed monitoring vegetation transects, developed a vegetation map, identified and mapped wetlands, compiled wildlife data and information on ecological conditions, surveyed for raptors, and documented soil types and waterways. After fieldwork was completed and an analysis of the findings was conducted, Marron prepared a Natural Resources Evaluation Report that included a biological evaluation section to address potential impacts to threatened and endangered species and included recommendations to minimize impacts. With respect to cultural resources, seven sites and 180 isolated occurrences were found and recorded. As part of the survey process, client representatives accompanied the field crew and completed Ludlum Scaler Ratemeter readings for every cultural resource found. A variety of cultural sites were recorded including Ancestral Pueblo and historic artifact scatters, historic homesteading, and mining-related sites. Treatment recommendations were based on site eligibility, proposed activities in the area, the Ludlum Scaler Ratemeter reading, and the specific cultural resource found. Marron worked closely with the client to determine treatment recommendations and the survey. All documents were completed on time and within budget.

Picuris Pueblo Solar Generation Facility

The Pueblo of Picuris (Pueblo) and the Northern Pueblos Housing Authority proposed to construct and operate a solar photovoltaic facility, which would consist of a ground-mounted, single-axis array. When operational, the solar panels would tilt to track the angle of the sun to obtain maximum energy.  The electric power produced would be fed into the grid and be purchased by a local electrical co-operative.  The revenue stream from the sale of power would go primarily to the Pueblo and to provide a return to a private equity investor.  The Pueblo would use a portion of the revenue to cover energy costs for the Pueblo and its members, making Picuris Pueblo energy independent and creating a viable model for other tribes.  Additionally, by using solar energy, the Pueblo would reduce fossil fuel energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global climate change.

Marron prepared an environmental assessment (EA) for the approval of a lease for development of the property.  Funding for the project included grants from the Department of Energy, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Enterprise Community Partners. Marron also conducted biological and cultural resource investigations for this project. The Bureau of Indian Affairs issued a Finding of No Significant Impact.

Laguna Wastewater and Sewer Project

This large survey incorporated all resource- and inventory‑related tasks, including an environmental assessment and biological and cultural surveys and corresponding reports. The undertaking consisted of an extensive stimulus‑funded upgrade to the waste water system of Laguna Pueblo with the project area consisting of a web of linear pipeline corridors covering much of the Pueblo. The project involved extensive preliminary planning and consultation with the agencies, tribal officials, and engineers. Resources encountered during the survey included a wide variety of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, numerous historic buildings (commercial, residential, and civic), five extensive acequia systems, portions of historic Route 66, and traditional cultural properties. Biological resources such as wetlands, waterways, protected species habitat, and migratory bird nesting habitat were identified. Marron completed its assigned task on schedule and assisted in the preparation of a Federal Emergency Management Agency Programmatic Agreement to allow the project to move forward with the assurance that additional necessary work will be conducted as needed. Marron was awarded the second phase of this long multi‑year project.

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Eric Johnson | Senior Environmental Project Manager

Education | BS Range Ecology and MPCD Planning and Community Development

Mr. Johnson has 24 years of experience in the environmental field with extensive emphasis on projects that adhere to NEPA. He has prepared categorical exclusions, EAs, and EISs for infrastructure and transportation projects.  He is experienced in collecting data and analyzing impacts to resources such as geology, soils, biology, socioeconomics, environmental justice, land use, recreation, visual resources, hazardous materials, and cumulative impacts. He also evaluates properties for effects from hazardous materials and documents the findings in Phase I Environmental Site Assessment documents. Mr. Johnson is proficient in agency coordination and public involvement and routinely organizes and conducts public involvement meetings and formal public hearings.  He is fluent in Spanish and frequently translates handouts into Spanish and has run several meetings in Spanish as well.  Mr. Johnson is certified through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). He has received training in Land Use Planning, Transportation, and Hazardous Materials Management. Certifications: AICP, CHMM.


Paul Knight | Natural Resources Program Manager

Education | BS Biology and MS Botany

Mr. Knight serves as Natural Resources Program Manager and has 40 years of experience in biological, ecological, and wetland studies; regulatory compliance; and project management.  His expertise includes detailed knowledge of plant and animal communities and species composition including habitat requirements for a variety of state, federal, and Navajo threatened and endangered species.  He is also a former member of the Federal Recovery Team for threatened and endangered species within New Mexico and Arizona.  He has authored hundreds of biological assessments, evaluations, and technical reports.  Mr. Knight maintains successful working relationships with all of the agencies as well as numerous tribal entities throughout the state, including extensive experience with the Navajo Nation’s regulatory agencies.  He also has extensive experience in wetland determinations and delineations and has completed hundreds of wetland studies and reports that have been accepted by the USACE.

Heather Parmeter | Project Manager/Biologist/Water Resources Lead

Education | BS and MS Biology

Ms. Parmeter serves as Project Manager, Biologist, and Water Resources Lead and has over 15 years of experience in biological resources (fisheries and general biology) and environmental project management.  She authors and reviews biological and environmental reports, conducts field surveys, assesses habitat suitability for protected species, and provides recommendations for avoidance or mitigation of impacts to sensitive resources.  Ms. Parmeter manages NEPA compliance processes, organizes public involvement efforts, and leads Marron’s CWA section 404/401 permitting work.  She prepares individual permit applications and associated documents, nationwide permit preconstruction notifications, and assists clients with the identification of appropriate nationwide permit coverage.


Toni Goar | Cultural Resources Program Manager

Education | BS Anthropology and MA Historical Archaeology

Ms. Goar is the firm’s Cultural Resources Program Manager and has more than 20 years of experience in archaeology.  She manages ongoing projects and Cultural Resources personnel, oversees report completion, and writes treatment plans.  Ms. Goar also provides field supervision of small and large-scale projects, laboratory supervision, and artifact analyses.  She has also completed a number of private and governmental assessments requiring NHPA Section 106 consultation.  As a permitted historian, Ms. Goar routinely inventories buildings and records their information on Historic Property Inventory (HCPI) forms.  She has conducted archaeological excavations (testing and data recovery), cultural resource surveys, cultural resource monitoring projects, historical investigations, archival research, public outreach projects, and completion of National Register of Historic Places nominations.  She holds professional registrations/certifications from BLM Lands in Southwest Texas, State Trust Lands in New Mexico and Arizona, Navajo Nation, USFS Lands in New Mexico and Arizona, and BIA.

Tadhg Kirwan | Cultural Resources Principal Investigator

Education | M.A., Archaeology | B.A., Anthropology

Mr. Kirwan has over 20 years of experience in cultural resource management, including over 9 years in a supervisory position (Crew Chief, Project Archaeologist, and Principal Investigator).  Mr. Kirwan is one of NV5’s Principal Investigators in cultural resources, who meets the Professional Qualifications of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation projects (36 CFR 61, Appendix A).   Mr. Kirwan has completed training in implementation of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Tadhg has in depth experiences in prehistoric and historic archaeology, including; supervising small and large-scale survey and excavation projects (testing and data recovery), cultural resource inventories, cultural resource monitoring projects, archival record searches, recording, evaluating, interpreting sites, and writing reports in New Mexico, Colorado, California, and Texas, and completion of National Register of Historic Places nominations. In addition to conducting surveys and writing reports, Tadhg has professional and academic experience in prehistoric and historic archaeology, GIS/GPS usage, lithic/ceramic analysis, and statistical analysis. Tadhg is a certified (Red Card) Burn Area Emergency Responder (BAER) Cultural Resource Specialist (BACS). Tadhg holds principal investigator permits in Colorado (Statewide), California (Statewide), Northwest and Southeast New Mexico BLM, New Mexico Dinétah, New Mexico (Statewide), and Texas (Statewide).

Stanley Kerr | Crew Chief

Education | BS Anthropology

Mr. Kerr serves as Crew Chief and has five years of experience in archaeology.  With field experience in Colorado and New Mexico in archaeological excavations, surveys, and historical investigations, he leads surveys and assists in report writing.  Mr. Kerr is permitted as a Field Supervisor on the SHPO directory. Recent experience includes a large excavation project in Albuquerque, numerous utility surveys within NMDOT rights-of-way statewide, and a linear survey in the Santa Fe National Forest.  He is a member of the New Mexico Archaeological Council and has received training in NMAC-BLM Dinetah.


Marcel Browne | GIS Specialist | Licensed UAV (Drone) Pilot

Education |BA English and Spanish | GIS Certificate Program | UAV Certificate

Mr. Browne serves as Marron’s lead GIS and IT Specialist and UAV (Drone Pilot).  With more than fifteen years of experience in GIS, he works with clients to recommend GIS strategies, database management, data analysis, data entry, digitization, QA/QC processes, and cartographic plotting.  He has experience working with city-, county-, and state-level data related to planning, transportation, natural resources, mining, and utilities. He routinely works with engineers, biologists, surveyors, and planners throughout the project process and is responsible for coordinating the delivery of all GIS and AutoCAD data to clients.  Mr. Browne’s software experience includes ArcGIS 10.x, AutoCAD, Trimble Insphere, Trimble TerraFlex, Terrain Navigator, MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.  He also works with various GPS and UAV systems.

Darryl Del Frate | GIS Specialist

Education | A.A. Anthropology | A.A.S. Geographic Information Technology

Mr. Del Frate serves as the GIS Specialist for the Cultural Resources Program. He has more than eight years of experience as a GIS professional. During that time, he has managed geospatial data for hundreds of environmental and transportation planning projects, with a focus on cultural resource management. Mr. Del Frate is experienced in database management, data entry, data conversion (e.g. ESRI .shp to AutoCAD .dwg), data analysis, digitization, and the cartographic production of professional quality maps for a variety of different documents. During the past 5 years, he has also done extensive work as a field technician on archaeological/built environment surveys and data recovery/excavation projects. Mr. Del Frate is experienced with data collection equipment, including the use of Trimble GPS units operating Terrasync/Terraflex or ArcGIS Collector software, as well as Topcon total station units.

Hyperspectral Imaging - Technically Speaking

Our internal innovation and development team constantly analyzes new technology and develops solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our Technically Speaking series is one way we share our technical findings with the professional community. 

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Accuracy Part 1- Technically Speaking

Our internal innovation and development team constantly analyzes new technology and develops solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our Technically Speaking series is one way we share our technical findings with the professional community. 

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Prune Optimization Webinar Recording

NV5 Geospatial releases a new predictive modeling platform for vegetation management that uses existing lidar and historical data to identify the relative level of asset risk from trees by quantifying the potential for causing asset damage. 

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Topobathy Lidar - Technically Speaking

Our internal innovation and development team constantly analyzes new technology and develops solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our Technically Speaking series is one way we share our technical findings with the professional community. 

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