California High Speed Rail Authority – Construction Package 2-3

The Hanna Group was selected by the California High Speed Rail Authority for the Independent Site Engineer (ISE) Services as part of the Construction Package 2-3 (CP 2-3) Project and Construction Management Team.

The California High Speed Rail Construction Package 2-3 is a continuation of the Construction Package 1 project that extends the high speed rail (HSR) system by approximately 65 miles from Fresno, CA south towards Bakersfield, CA. The HSR corridor crosses various existing infrastructure including State Road 43, State Road 198, the BNSF, the UPRR, San Joaquin Valley Railroad, numerous local roads, and several waterways. All crossings along the corridor will be grade separated.

The major elements of this project include:

  • Approximately 12 million cubic yards of embankment for 65 miles of HSR track
  • 18 high speed rail bridges where the HSR goes over local city, county and state roads
  • 31 roadway bridges where HSR goes under the bridges as part of grade separation
  • Approximately 7 million cubic yards of roadway embankment

This project is a significant win for THG because we are establishing a relationship with a new client.

Please see newsletter link below featuring a detailed interview with Abhijit Naik, our Lead ISE Segment Manager.