EPA Awards Contract to Tetra Tech Team for Environmental Response Team Support

August 5, 2015

The Tetra Tech team, which includes NV5 (formerly Dade Moeller*), has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to continue its support of the agency’s Environmental Response Team. NV5 provides a range of emergency preparedness and rapid response services that support EPA’s preparedness for potential events involving radioactive or nuclear materials. Dade Moeller/NV5 supported the agency’s Environmental Response Team under two prior Tetra Tech contracts; the new contract has a 5-year period of performance.

“We are pleased to have been an essential member of the Tetra Tech team over the past 10 years, and to continue our support of EPA’s national radiological preparedness and response capabilities,” said David McCormack, President of Dade Moeller, an NV5 Company. “This contract represents an important part of the nation’s mission to protect the public and the environment from potential events involving radioactive and nuclear materials.”

As a member of the National Response Team, EPA ensures environmental response readiness by maintaining instrumentation and trained personnel at three Environmental Response Team locations across the country: Edison, N.J.; Erlanger, Ky.; and Las Vegas. NV5 supports the Erlanger location, which specializes in radiological response, by maintaining a variety of radiation monitoring instruments in “response ready” condition. NV5 also is responsible for training EPA staff and contractor personnel on proper use of radiation monitoring instruments, responding to incidents and events, and pre-deploying to large events, such as Super Bowls, NCAA Final Four games, MLB All-Star games, and NASCAR races.

*Dade Moeller joined NV5 in May 2016.