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Radiopharmaceutical Internal Dosimetry

This online course provides technical information and practical experience to ensure that you are well prepared to calculate dose estimates for radiopharmaceuticals.
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This course (link here) will give you the information and experience necessary to understand US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) requirements for radiation dosimetry aspects of new drug approval, and to calculate internal dose estimates for radiopharmaceuticals from a theoretical basis or based on collected data in human or animal studies. Practice problems and use of FDA approved software are emphasized.
The course covers the following subjects:
  • Radiation dosimetry fundamentals
  • Dose calculation methods
  • Study design to obtain dosimetry data
  • Extrapolation of animal data gathered for radiopharmaceuticals to humans
  • Use of medical imaging equipment to obtain data from human subjects for generalized or patient-individualized dosimetry
  • Kinetic data analysis and related uncertainties
  • Components of current internal dose models and phantoms
  • Understanding of all dose-related quantities
Continuing Education Credits
This course has been submitted to the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) for approval for CEU credits.