NV5 Assumes Responsibility in Worker Radiation Safety Services at Hanford

October 4, 2012

NV5/Dade Moeller* has an expanded role at the Hanford nuclear site, providing technical direction and operation of the radiation dosimetry program components of the site’s radiological site services (RSS).  As provider of radiological health and safety services to the Mission Support Alliance (MSA) team, the company also helped ensure the successful move of the radiological site services from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to MSA. The national laboratory had provided these services to the Hanford site since 1965, which are integral to the health and safety of the site’s approximately 7,500 workers.

In its new role, NV5 staff will perform technical direction of the highly-visible Hanford Site Radiation Dosimetry Programs, which include both internal and external radiation dosimetry for Hanford workers as part of the site’s comprehensive worker health and safety programs. The company also will provide technical direction to the Radiation Exposure Records Program, which captures, administers, and preserves all site records of workers’ radiological exposures, as well as maintaining the program’s accreditation records and the site’s radiological dosimetry technical bases,  policies, and procedures.

The company played an important role in helping MSA earn approval to perform these functions under DOE’s Laboratory Accreditation Program (DOELAP) – a significant prerequisite to moving the RSS programs to MSA. This is the first time DOE has granted DOELAP accreditations associated with a change of responsible organization for programs with this scope and magnitude.

*Dade Moeller joined NV5 in May 2016.