NV5 Supports STEM Education in California

November 7, 2013

NV5’s Dade Moeller* has donated a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 robotics set to Emblem Academy, the first elementary-grade public school in California’s Santa Clarita Valley opened to focus specifically on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

“With roots in education and training, we are pleased to support STEM learning at Emblem Academy,” said Dade Moeller President Dave McCormack. “As an employer of staff members who specialize in scientific fields including radiation safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental protection, we are focused on individuals who are highly qualified in STEM subjects, as well as being motivated, curious, and creative independent thinkers. Because we know that STEM schools — even at the elementary level — play a vital role in inspiring and equipping our nation’s future workforce, we make every effort to foster STEM education in our local communities. For us, support to Emblem Academy is part of our mission and responsibility.”

NV5’s donation of the EV3 platform, the newest generation of LEGO® robotics technology, opens the door for other like-minded companies to join in supporting Emblem Academy’s robotics program. The LEGO® robotics curricula are well-known for providing a hands-on foundation for STEM concepts like computer science, engineering, and math, as well as nurturing STEM-relevant skills such as problem solving, creativity, cooperation, and prototyping.

With the inaugural donation from NV5, along with a recent contribution from a local Santa Clarita company, Emblem Academy now has enough LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sets for one of the upper grade classrooms to use. Leveraging this momentum, Emblem Academy Principal Jon G. Baker is looking to secure additional grants and corporate donations to bring LEGO® robotics to more Emblem classrooms, including in the primary grades through LEGO® “WeDo” sets. With enough MINDSTORMS® and “WeDo” sets, Baker would offer a robotics “STEMinar” elective course to both the primary and upper grades, as well as establishing an Emblem Academy team to participate in local and national robotics competitions.

“The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® and ‘WeDo’ robotics sets offer such an amazing opportunity to bring real-life robotics technology into the hands of our students,” Baker said. “Not only will they enrich our STEM curriculum, but they also will provide the hands-on inspiration and motivation that many children need to fully understand and integrate scientific concepts. We are so appreciative of NV5’s contribution of our school’s first MINDSTORMS® set, and I hope that other companies — either locally or beyond — join us in bringing this cutting-edge educational resource to the Santa Clarita Valley.”

*Dade Moeller joined NV5 in May 2016.