80+ Year Old Bridge Rehabilitation In Imperial County

NV5 was selected to provide a full range of inspection and assessment services for the rehabilitation of two 80+ year old bridges in Imperial County, California. The need to accommodate a payload of 378,000 lbs. across the bridge over Gypsum Ditch and Sandy Ditch, prompted the County to propose that NV5 perform a full assessment of the structural integrity of the bridges.


 An initial report was provided recommending a few minor repairs however, early summer 2012 the area was impacted by a flashflood and a second inspection was performed by the NV5 team. An amended report was needed to address the additional damage to one of the timber piles that was revealed by the flashflood. This additional damage called for a steel casing around the damaged pile, and it was pressure grouted to maintain its structural integrity.


 The report also outlines that overload trucks must come to a full stop approximately 50 feet from each bridge before crossing.  “When trucks come to a complete stop and proceed to cross the bridge at a rate of 5 miles per hour, it dramatically reduces or eliminates the impact loading on the bridge” explained Jack Abcarius, Project Manager and Associate of the firm, “we are confident that the recent repair work will ensure the safe transport of heavy materials through the area” he concluded.