ASTM E1527 – Phase I Update

By:  Jamie Ziemba and Laura Hengle

Consistent with ASTM by-laws, the phase I standard is now due for review and re-approval. Updates to are expected to go to a first-ballot this fall with a planned new standard publication in late 2020.

The following are some of the expected updates:

  • Clarifications to the HREC and CREC definitions. The task group is working to refine the definitions for HRECs and CRECs and relationships between the various types of recognized environmental conditions.
  • Expansion of historical research to adjoining properties. The current version of the standard requires historical research of the subject property only, but the task group plans to ballot changes that would also require the investigation of adjoining properties and the surrounding area.
  • A footnote and edits to the non-scope considerations appendix to acknowledge growing regulator attention to emerging contaminants, especially PFAS.

NV5 will stay abreast of the pending developments. Contact us with any questions or to request a proposal for a Phase I or other services.