Catwalk Trail Reconstruction in the Gila National Forest

NV5 is providing NEPA permitting, geotechnical engineer­ing, slope stability analysis, and construction materials testing for this complex trail reconstruction project in the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico. Due to a large flood event in 2013, a majority of the Catwalk Trail was damaged or rendered unusable in some way. Some sections of the trail were partially washed out, while others were covered with debris and sediment. The goal of the project is to restore the trail system up the canyon approximately 2,600 feet with trail reconstruction occurring on both the north and south side of Whitewater Creek. Given the historical significance and mountainous terrain of this project, innovative engineering solutions and efficient coordina­tion with federal and state agencies is needed to accomplish the accelerated con­struction schedule that is set to be completed by May 27, 2016.