City of Poway City Council Approves NV5 Agreement for Safety Consulting Services

On January 21, 2020, the City Council approved a contract for NV5 to support the City in providing safety consulting and training services. We wouldn’t have been successful without the help and support of multiple groups within the company. This was truly a team effort across multiple divisions, and a successful demonstration of the strength of our company when we work together for a common goal.

Specifically, our teams included NV5’s Energy Compliance led by Evan White, Alta Environmental led by Cecile Felsher, Dade Moeller, led by Steve Bump and Dalene Zabel, our EHS Team led by Steve Lipson, and NV5’s Civil Engineering and Water group led by Carmen Kasner.

The City ranked NV5 the highest, and even noted that even though we had the highest rates of proposers, we were selected due to our “extensive knowledge in safety, compliance, and industrial hygiene”. Our references also provided excellent feedback to the City, which demonstrated that we can complete a contract like this.

Client name

City of Poway

History with the client, if any

NV5 and Alta Environmental have provided services to the City of Poway in the past.

Total contract fee to NV5

$100,000 NTE

Project Manager’s name, credentials, and a quote about working on the project

Evan White, CSP, Project Manager, and Cecile Felsher, Senior Consultant.

“We are excited to support the City of Poway to enhance their safety program. Our team consists of the best, and most qualified, individuals to work with the City to provide training, inspections, and updates of safety policies and manuals. With all of the capabilities of NV5 and our new partners, Alta Environmental, we can truly provide the full range of safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental solutions to not only the City of Poway, but to all of our current and future clients.” – Evan White, CSP, Project Manager