Flashback Improving Lives: Concrete Bowling Ball Competition

We take a look back at a fun activity for future engineers. We can’t wait to get back to socializing with our peers and classmates.

Kudos to the NV5/Page One team in Orlando for supporting Florida university students in the 7th Annual Concrete Bowling Ball Competition, held by the Florida Concrete and Products Association (FC&PA) in early February. Eight teams from universities across Florida entered this regional competition with reinforced concrete bowling balls and posters detailing their design, casting process, and research, that was judged in six categories. The object of the competition was to demonstrate the effect of fiber in reinforcing concrete, to gain experience in forming and fabricating a concrete fiber-reinforced element, and to encourage creativity in engineering design and analysis. The students gained hands-on experience about how to select materials to meet weight limits, strength, and toughness of concrete. The teams were required to cast a round object to ensure a straight roll in an actual bowling portion of the competition. NV5/Page One supported this fun learning event by testing the concrete bowling balls for strength and toughness in their lab.