Harvey & Irma – Environmental & Assessment Reports for Flooding

The Impacts of Harvey & Irma on Commercial Property

At Bock & Clark, our hearts go out to those who were affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and we hope for a smooth recovery as those involved work to get back on their feet.

Once the impacted areas begin to recover and return to normal, commercial properties will need to be assessed. The devastating flooding caused damage, which has resulted in unwanted moisture and consequential microbial growth. This will become an ongoing issue and major problem for owners and occupants of buildings that have been water damaged if the structures are not assessed properly before the rehabilitation process.

Available Moisture Assessment Technologies

When water enters a building, it can travel through spaces large and small making it difficult to find the sources of the leak and assess the amount of damage. There are several technologies that are available to assist with these assessments (Moisture Studies).

  • Infrared Thermography – A useful tool that detects water in hard-to-see places. It has the ability to get underneath roofing membranes, travel inside shafts and conduits, and go behind walls.
  • Thermal Surveys – Effective in detecting moisture that has worked its way deep below the roof surface and saturated the roofing insulation.
  • Moisture Meters – Used to detect moisture in paint, drywall, wall coatings, floor coverings, roof coverings, ceramic tiles, and wood and roof coverings.

Bock & Clark: Moisture Assessment Services

Bock & Clark and NV5 offer a variety of moisture studies to match the needs of your situation. Our experienced professionals will provide you with a thorough report delivered on-time and at a competitive price for all 50 states and Canada.

In times of excessive flooding, it is important for property owners to be informed and evaluate for moisture, even if it may not be visible. If you need help securing the proper moisture assessment or have questions regarding Environmental and Assessment requirements, contact us today.