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What our students are saying


“Coming into the course, I was not sure what to expect, especially with my lack of knowledge of the topics and how it related to my place of work. Now, I feel prepared to look into what is needed based on my company’s license and how to have conversations and tackle areas that need further development.”

— Andrea C., RSO Course

“I have attended various training classes in the medical field. This is the best class. You feel you learned everything in medical radiation safety within 5 days by attending this class that may take people years to learn without the class.

— Patrick G., Medical RSO Course

“This course is perfect for anyone new to the topic or anyone that needs a reminder about all the requirements needed to follow to ship any type of radioactive material. Also, NV5 is a great support to you after you take the course on any issues you may have for this topic.”
— Daniel S., DOT Course

“This course was fantastic. Exactly what I needed as an Authorized User. A lot of practical knowledge given to put into use. Excellent and knowledgeable instructors with 100+ years of combined experience.”
— Christopher D.,
Authorized Users & Supervisors Course