NV5 Awarded Anzar Road Bridge Replacement Project

NV5 has been selected by San Benito County to provide design, full engineering services, environmental clearance documentation, geo-tech survey needs, and hydraulic analysis for the Anzar Road Bridge Replacement Project near the City of San Juan Bautista in Northern California.

 The 40 year old bridge, that is part of the County’s roadway network, currently supports a two-lane facility.  The width of the existing bridge however is too narrow and the age and condition of the bridge have made it structurally deficient. The project will replace the existing bridge with a code compliant wider structure that provides adequate space for two 12-foot through lanes and two 4-foot shoulders to better serve the local traffic in the area.

Funding for the project is part of the California bridge toll credit program. Toll credits are earned when the state, a toll authority, or a private entity, funds a capital transportation investment with toll revenues earned on existing toll facilities.  It allows the non-Federal share of a project’s cost to be met through a “soft match” of toll credits.

One of the challenges of this project was construction, as a section of Anzar Road leads into a residential neighborhood. NV5 designed a detour to allow public traffic to conveniently bypass the construction site, a solution that decreased construction time in half over the originally proposed staged construction, resulting in less impact to the community.