NV5 Presented at Power Line Systems’ 2019 PLS-CADD Advanced Training and User Group Conference

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events emphasize the importance of innovative engineering and design approaches to reduce the risk, exposure, and vulnerability of utility infrastructure. NV5’s Gary Clark, Director of Engineering/Strategic Development and Alex Richards, Director of Overhead Transmission, presented on “Distribution Storm Hardening” and “Wind Directions” at the 2019 PLS Advanced Training and User Group Conference from June 11-13, 2019 in Madison, WI. The presentations, which also featured live demonstrations by Robert Cota and Camrun Arkills, discussed how NV5 is using the industry-leading PLS-CADD software to efficiently analyze, prioritize, and design utility infrastructure improvements to increase grid reliability and resiliency. The conference attracted 530 registrants from 34 countries