NV5 Team In NYC Cardboard Kayak Race

For the third year in a row, NV5’s New York City office participated in the Con Edison Cardboard Kayak Race, which is a part of City of Water Day. This free family festival is organized by the Waterfront Alliance, with a goal of drawing people to the region’s coastline – more information can be found here. Approximately 15 teams were allotted two hours to scramble to build their canoes with the limited supplies allowed, including cardboard and packing tape. Following the build, the Kayak Race took place right in New York City at Brooklyn Bridge Beach along the East River, with three heats, followed by the final race. NV5’s Blue Wave of Resilience took 2nd Place!! Watch the team build their kayak and paddle for placement below (race starts at 3:30)! Photo (L to R): Francesca Tan, Dana Gan, Pradeep Rayaprolu, Jacob Monzella, John Herring, Najam Subhani, Maria Torres, Joseph Menzer, Abdool Ali, and Muhammad Khan.

Cardboard Kayak Race from NV5 on Vimeo.