NV5’s Dade Moeller Experts Advance Field of Radiation Safety at Annual Health Physics Society Meeting in Spokane

RICHLAND, Wash. – July 14, 2016 – Next week, 17 professionals from Dade Moeller, an NV5 Company, will convene at the Spokane Convention Center to share their technical expertise and promote the future of radiation safety at the 61st annual meeting of the Health Physics Society. The company also will be the primary sponsor of the society’s first NORM/TENORM Industry Day, a one-day event to be held on Tuesday, July 19, in conjunction with the annual meeting. The event will promote interaction and information sharing between radiation safety professionals and representatives from the mining and oil and gas industries on issues related to naturally-occurring radioactive material (NORM) and technologically-enhanced naturally-occurring radioactive material (TENORM). An NV5 Company since May 2016, Dade Moeller is a long-time affiliate member of the Health Physics Society and employs more certified health physicists than any other company in the United States.


Dade Moeller staff members will present the following oral and poster sessions during the meeting:

  • Monday, July 18, 3:30 p.m., Alan Fellman (Gaithersburg, Md.), Academic Section: Linear No-Threshold and As Low As Reasonably Achievable: An Invitation to Frivolous Litigation
  • Tuesday, July 19, 7:00 a.m., Bill Kennedy (Richland, Wash.), Continuing Education Lecture: NORM/TENORM: History + Science + Common Sense = ???
  • Tuesday, July 19, 8:30 a.m., Gene Carbaugh (Richland, Wash.), United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries Special Session, Keynote Address : The Atomic Man: Case Study of the Largest Recorded Americium-241 Deposition in a Human
  • Tuesday, July 19, 8:30 a.m., Bill Kennedy (Richland, Wash.), NORM/TENORM Industry Day Special Session, What Is Radiation and How Is It Detected?
  • Tuesday, July 19, 9:00 a.m., Alan Fellman (Gaithersburg, Md.), NORM/TENORM Industry Day Special Session, What Is NORM/TENORM?
  • Tuesday, July 19, 10:40 a.m., Tracy Ikenberry (Richland, Wash.), NORM/TENORM Industry Day Special Session: NORM Radiation Protection for Alum Production and Storage
  • Tuesday, July 19, Bill Kennedy (Richland, Wash.), Poster Session: Performance Assessment Modeling for NORM/TENORM Disposal
  • Tuesday, July 19, Tracy Ikenberry (Richland, Wash.), Poster Session: Survey and Disposition of NORM-Containing Refractory Brick
  • Wednesday, July 20, 12:15 p.m., Dan Strom (Richland, Wash.), Professional Enrichment Program Class, Internal Dosimetry Developments from 1949 to 2016

Additionally, on Wednesday, Dade Moeller health physicist Doug Draper (Erlanger, Ky.) will co-chair the homeland security special session, and Wayne Glines (Richland, Wash.) will chair the “McCluskey Room” special session, which will discuss technical issues related to a Cold War-era explosion in an Americium recovery room at the U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site.


Dade Moeller employees Tracy Ikenberry (Richland, Wash.) and Jim Bogard (Oak Ridge, Tenn.) serve on the Health Physics Society Board of Directors, and, representing the Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society, several Dade Moeller health physicists have helped organize the annual meeting as members of the local arrangements committee: Gene Carbaugh (co-chair), Cheryl Antonio, Wayne Glines, Tracy Ikenberry, Tim Lynch, Paul Stansbury, and Don Stewart.


Four Dade Moeller health physicists have volunteered to serve as mentors to a group of approximately 20 students from the nuclear technology program at Columbia Basin College. Small groups of students will “shadow” a Dade Moeller professional throughout the day on Monday, attending technical presentations together and discussing them during breaks. The full group also will convene at the end of the day to enable the students to ask questions of the four Dade Moeller health physicists. The goals of this volunteer activity, coordinated by employee Paul Stansbury, are to facilitate student access to Health Physics Society events, encourage interest in future health physics careers, and familiarize students with companies and technical issues relevant to the nuclear industry.


Throughout the week, Dade Moeller representatives will be meeting with colleagues and potential clients, partners, and employees in the exhibit hall at space #204. As in past years, Dade Moeller will have a prominent space at the exhibition, located near the lounge area, with tables and chairs set up within the booth space to facilitate professional fellowship and cross-fertilization of ideas. The exhibit also will serve as a valuable means to inform and educate professional colleagues about the company’s recent acquisition by Florida-based engineering and consulting firm NV5 Global, Inc., which has added exciting new service offerings that complement Dade Moeller’s health physics and safety expertise.


During the society’s plenary session on the morning of Monday, July 18, Dr. Hiroko Yoshida-Ohuchi will receive the Dade Moeller Lectureship Award following her presentation on the topic of “What Has Changed and What Has Not Changed: The Consequences of Remediation in Evacuation Areas Caused by the Fukushima Accident.” Yoshida-Ohuchi is the executive director of the Japan Health Physics Society and is a senior assistant professor at the radioisotope research and educational center of Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.

The Dade Moeller Lectureship Award is made possible through the Dade Moeller Fund, established in 2009. The Fund is independently managed by the Health Physics Society, using funds bequeathed by the company. The lectureship award enables the society to invite and support distinguished experts to share their knowledge with the membership at meetings.


The Health Physics Society is a nonprofit scientific professional organization established in 1956 to promote the practice of radiation safety. Its annual meeting is attended by radiation protection experts and practitioners representing government agencies, laboratories, academic institutions, private corporations, and non-profit organizations from around the world.


Dade Moeller, an NV5 Company, specializes in radiation protection, worker safety, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, and safety training. In addition to certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, professional engineers, and others with certifications and licenses, Dade Moeller employs more certified health physicists than any other private entity. The company joined NV5 Global, Inc., in May 2016. Representing Dade Moeller at this year’s annual meeting will be: Alan Fellman (Gaithersburg, Md.); Doug Draper (Erlanger, Ky.); Gene Rollins (Augusta, Ga.); Ali Simpkins (Austin, Texas); Jim Bogard, Judson Kenoyer, and Bill Stanley (Oak Ridge, Tenn.); and Steve Bump, Gene Carbaugh, Brian Gleckler, Wayne Glines, Tracy Ikenberry, Bill Kennedy, Tim Lynch, Matt Moeller, Don Stewart, and Dan Strom (Richland, Wash.).