Remote Control: Drones Become Mission Critical Engineering Tool

In the latest issue of Civil + Structural Engineer, Mike Stys, Vice President at NV5, discusses how the emergence of UAV systems (drones) are transforming construction, transportation, and utility projects by improving outcomes via increased safety and efficiency. Read full article HERE.

“The addition of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – more commonly referred to as drones –  combined with high-resolution cameras and advanced lidar sensors to the data collection toolbox makes it possible for engineering firms to gather more and better data, more frequently. In the process, these remote data collection platforms can help speed projects to completion and reduce overall costs, while improving safety by reducing the need for in-person site visits, and preventing disruptions to traffic and operations that are common with more traditional aerial or boots-on-the-ground surveys.”    -Mike Stys, NV5 Vice President

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