Quantum Spatial’s 4th Annual Acquisition Summit

Quantum Spatial’s fourth annual acquisition is underway this week.  The event brings together remote sensing and geospatial industry leaders to share new innovations, showcase emmerging technologies, discuss market challenges, and workshop new ideas to shape the future of the field of remote sensing. Dr. A Stewart Walker, Managing Editor of LIDAR Magazine, attended and recounted the summit experience on the magazine’s website:

“…The agenda was a disparate one. There were remarks from an Oregon State University (OSU) post-doc on climate change, followed by a presentation on Quantum Spatial’s sophisticated approach to flight planning, honed over time to maximize data acquisition when weather allows, then an intriguing look at the dilemmas involved as US government agencies grapple with the challenges of certification of airborne lidar systems. Digital Scan 3D provides a service to scan the insides and outsides of Quantum Spatial’s aircraft, resulting in CAD drawings that are included in the thick files of documentation accompanying each plane. USGS gave an update on 3DEP and another presenter from OSU discussed the difficulties of flight planning for topobathymetric lidar and the need to be flexible if the num

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