UAV Podcast: Lidar Mapping with UAVs (Drones)

The UAV Podcast discusses how drones and other autonomous vehicles are deployed with lidar sensors to create 3D mapping data and downstream analytics with NV5 Geospatial’s Lukas Fraser. 

From UAV Podcast: “Lukas Fraser is a lidar Specialist working in the Geospatial Group at NV5. He creates engineering-grade 3D mapping deliverables from UAV lidar and imagery, and specializes in topographic and topo-bathymetric lidar data collection, processing, analysis, and product development. Lukas turns raw datasets into useful information such as AutoCAD drawings and surfaces, GIS databases, or online interactive web maps. He’s a graduate of the Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering program at the University of New Brunswick.

Lukas describes how UAVs with the sensors now available are changing data collection and making applications possible that would have been difficult previously.

Lukas explains how lidar works and some of the key applications. He talks about the process to collect lidar and image data with UAVs that meet accuracy standards, how that data is analyzed, and then how products are created that the client can use to get value from the project. Imagery from a UAV can result in RGB, thermal, multispectral, or hyperspectral products. lidar data can be used for topographic and topo-bathymetric products.

Using UAVs for applications like these is an emerging capability, and just one more example of how drones are changing commercial activity.”

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Topobathy Lidar - Technically Speaking

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