12 Oaks Subdivision

12 Oaks Subdivision

Development of this 800+ acre premier golf course community in Holly Springs, North Carolina began in 2006, and NV5 has provided geotechnical engineering and testing services since its inception.  Subdivision approval required the construction of Green Oaks Parkway (a 1.5 mile, four-lane divided highway) to access the site, and NV5 performed soils testing services for this road, including the development of soil-cement mixtures to help manage the presence of expansive clay soils.  Through numerous phases of construction, we have performed subsurface investigations and geotechnical engineering evaluations, helping the civil designers with estimates of rock excavation quantities and providing recommendations for managing soft soils, expansive clays, and other conditions that have come up as part of developing such a large tract of land.  We have also provided pavement designs and full-time construction materials testing services during development to comply with the Town of Holly Springs stringent requirements for roadway construction in the Triassic Basin geologic region to facilitate acceptance of the streets by the Town for maintenance.  Our testing services have included soils testing for fill placement in roadways and building lots, concrete testing for curb and gutter, and testing of asphaltic concrete.  We have also performed Phase I environmental site assessments at the property for the original developers, as well as for home builders that have purchased lots in the subdivision, as well as foundation examinations for several home builders that are constructing homes in the subdivision.


Holly Springs, North Carolina


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