Agricultural Plant Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

To ensure compliance with environmental, health, and safety guidelines, an agricultural production facility in the northwestern United States has relied on NV5 to provide annual ambient air and noise monitoring services since 2013.

Each year, NV5 sets up and collects 24-hour samples for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter (PM)-10, and PM-2.5 air emissions. We also take 8-hour ozone samples and stack oxygen measurements, and we perform noise monitoring at multiple facility locations. Prior to the survey, we identify the appropriate monitoring and sampling equipment to be used and ensure its timely shipment to the facility.

Upon receipt of the sampling and monitoring results, we compare them to current established standards and prepare a report for the client. For quality assurance, the report is reviewed by a senior Certified Industrial Hygienist.


Northwestern U.S.


Industrial Hygiene