NV5 - Apopka City Center

Apopka City Center

The Apopka City Center is a mixed-use development being designed and constructed as a public-private partnership between Taurus Investment Holdings, NV5’s client, and the City of Apopka at the intersection of US Highway 441 and State Route 436 in Apopka, Florida. 

The project includes approximately 20,000 SF of restaurants, 92,000 SF of retail, 33,000 SF of office space, a 5-story hotel, a 13,000 SF wedding venue, and 100 multi-family apartment units. 

NV5 provided both the private development engineering as well as the public roadway improvements design. The public roadway improvements included ¾ mile of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) roadway widening, turn lane improvements, and two new traffic signals. It also included almost ½ mile of City street improvements including a new roundabout.


Apopka, FL


Taurus Investment Holdings