NV5 - Argonne National Laboratory Radiation Protection Program

Argonne Radiation Protection Program

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) relied on NV5 to review and analyze its radiation protection program; prepare, conduct, and document effectiveness reviews of the program; and prepare, conduct, and document management self-assessments. We then prepared a revised radiation protection program for Argonne in compliance with implementing regulations. We developed the radiological safety program description, which implements the radiation protection program; rewrote the internal dosimetry, workplace air monitoring, and radiological instrumentation programs; and completely revised the technical basis document for instrumentation.

This project was complex in that a significant number of deliverables were due in a very short period of time (about 3 months). The complexity was increased by revising numerous documents in parallel, by multiple staff (eight NV5 staff members).

NV5 completed all deliverables on time and within budget with finished products that met the Laboratory’s needs. This resulted in full-time follow-up work. In addition, Argonne provided positive client references on our behalf for two significant proposals.


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