Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

Initially opened in 2004, Bab Al Shams is the most sought-after luxury desert retreat in the Emirates that recently reopened after undergoing a renovation by LW Design.

With a design narrative centered around ‘The Lost Princess’, Bab Al Shams is her ultimate sanctuary of luxury and unforgettable journeys. Interior design elements subtly weave through her iconic heritage tied deeply to her customs while celebrating the glamour of modern-day Arabia. The resort’s carefully considered architectural & engineering integration with existing forms provides an enhanced guest experience.

Working alongside LW Design, the design team paid particular attention to preserving and re-purposing the resort, adding to the resort’s overall sustainable value and heritage. NV5 provided a range of services which has helped preserve the legacy of Bab Al Shams as the longest-running desert escape in the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Kerzner International
LW Design (Interior Designer)