NV5 - Bear Valley Parkway Widening, Escondido, CA

Bear Valley Parkway Widening

NV5 was the prime consultant for the design of the widening of a one mile section of Bear Valley Parkway from Mary Lane to Las Palmas Avenue in Escondido, California. The initial project included widening of Bear Valley Parkway to an 82-foot curb-to-curb width with medians and bicycle lanes, and widening of Las Palmas Avenue with curb and sidewalks to permit pedestrian access by school students. The project included design to major road standards and signal design at Canyon Road and at Las Palmas Avenue. This work was urgently required in order to permit the safe crossing of students to nearby elementary schools.

In addition to full design of the public improvements, NV5 provided traffic studies, signal design, survey, right-of-way documentation services, and coordinated appraisal of property to be taken for the widening. With the intersecting streets and planned extension of improvements on Bear Valley Parkway, the total length of improvements approaches one mile.

Phase I of the project included widening of Bear Valley Parkway to major road standards for a length of about 3,000 feet including hydraulic analysis and extension of major drainage structures. Phase II required widening of Bear Valley Parkway to major road standards south of Canyon Road. Work included hydraulic analyses, design of a quadruple box culvert, and extension of other drainage structures. Services also included the design for the extension of Las Palmas Avenue to intersect Peet Lane, and design of a major arch culvert and open channel under Las Palmas Avenue. Alignment studies for the intersection at Peet Lane, major drainage improvements, and an open channel also were required. All medians included landscaping and irrigation. Signing and striping plans, as well as building phasing plans, were provided to the City for the entire work area.


Escondido, CA


City of Escondido