Bight ’18 Lagoon Monitoring and Reporting

NV5 assisted with the implementation the 2018 Bight Regional Monitoring Program (Bight ’18) within Agua Hedionda and Batiquitos Lagoons in San Diego County. NV5 staff assisted with the collection of sediment and water samples, data management, data quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), and data formatting and submission.

Analytical data was reviewed and verified to determine whether the data quality objectives were met and whether appropriate corrective actions were taken when necessary. This included follow up required on any QA/QC issues identified as a part of this review. After completion of the data review and a QA/QC verification for reporting, the data was entered into Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) consistent with Bight ’18 templates provided by Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP), as well as any applicable County of San Diego EDD or California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN) as required. All data entered into Bight ’18 EDDs was submitted to SCCWRP Bight ’18 web portal.

Sampling, QA/QC, data formatting, and submittal were performed in accordance with the approved Bight ‘18 Sediment Quality Work Plan and the San Diego County Participating Agencies Bight 2018 Work Plan.


San Diego, CA


City of Escondido


  • Receiving Water Monitoring
  • Sediment Sampling
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Electronic Data Management, CEDEN Formatting and Submittal
  • Assessment and Reporting Activities

Key Facts

Cost: $15,000 
Duration: 2018