USFS Biological Evaluation & Bat Surveys

USFS Biological Evaluation & Bat Surveys for NC 215

NV5 team members were contracted to conduct biological surveys for the proposed improvements to North Carolina Highway 215 (NC 215) within the Pisgah National Forest (PNF). Our biologists conducted extensive surveys (aquatic, botanical, and terrestrial) across approximately 500 acres within the PNF.

As a part of these surveys, NV5 team members assisted the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) with bat surveys for a period of two weeks in July and August. Mist-netting was utilized for 12 nights across 11 sites with a total of 30 bats from three species being captured. Acoustic monitoring was also conducted for six nights using two Anabat SD2 acoustic detectors. Acoustic data was analyzed using the AnalookW software in conjunction with the Echoclass Acoustic ID program. All bats were banded with a uniquely numbered aluminum alloy bat ring. The band number, species, sex, forearm length, weight, reproductive condition, age, and time of capture were recorded. Bat wing condition was also checked for symptoms of white-nose syndrome (Pseudogymnoascus destructans). All bats were released unharmed at the point of capture. These bat surveys were conducted to document the bat species within the project area.

These biological surveys culminated in the preparation of a biological evaluation report for the U.S. Forest Service, which included the supporting aquatic, botanical, and terrestrial resource reports.


Transylvania County, NC


North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)


Key Facts

  • 500 Acres
  • 11 Sites
  • 30 Bats; 3 Species