Boise Airport, Baggage Conveyor Area, Static LiDAR Scan and 3D Model

NV5 was requested by the BOI Airport to complete a survey of the Baggage Conveyor area to document the “as-constructed” conditions of the site utilizing LiDAR scanning techniques with an end result being an accurate 3D model CADD drawing to aid in the design and retrofit of a conveyor and baggage scanner update project that is scheduled to occur in late 2014.

NV5 deployed two survey field staff each equipped with a FARO Focus 3D phase based scanner to the site. The two field staff employees completed the site targeting and data capture in 3 days collecting 127 scan positions throughout the site. This included approximately 3000 square feet of area at ground level and another 2500 square feet of area accessible via catwalks needed to capture the thousands of conduits, pipes, fire suppression systems, hangars, structural components, electrical motors, baggage scanners and the conveyor systems. Once the field data was collected and downloaded, FARO’s Scene software was used to register the 127 individual point clouds together and to review the point clouds integrity prior to sending it to the modeling group.

The modeling group was then tasked with producing a full 3D model from the collected point cloud in Civil3D 2014 and Navisworks 2014 to create a working CADD drawing that could be utilized by the Airports design team to run clash detection routines and determine if any existing features would need to be adjusted or if their new system design needed modifications. This approach should minimize the number of change orders and reduce overall project time and costs.

NV5 completed this project and delivered the final submittals to the client in 7 weeks, which was on schedule and within the project budget.


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City of Boise


Survey & Mapping