Case Western Reserve University Classrooms

Case Western Reserve University Prototype Learning Spaces

Case Western Reserve University’s newest classrooms are prototypical education areas for the College of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences.

At 1876 SF, the Nord Hall classroom seats up to 54 students as an active learning space, or close to 100 in a traditional classroom arrangement. It features a low profile, raised floor system providing a dense, grid network of cable pathways, allowing easy re-configuration of the space. The infrastructure delivers robust network interface and WiFi, and sufficient power outlets to accommodate modern needs. Collaboration technology includes classroom video and audio capture, and the ability to mirror content to/from any of the portable group collaboration flat panel displays within the space. Each display features a video camera and microphone, allowing collaboration with others via a web-based videoconference. The instructor also has a standard complement of source devices and auxiliary inputs along with a touch panel control system. Specialized furniture is mobile, comfortable, and promotes collaboration. While the space offers multiple wall-mounted and mobile magnetic dry erase boards, the actual wall surface employs a specialized paint that makes it a dry-erase surface as well, maximizing collaboration opportunities from anywhere in room. Additionally, the space can serve as a classroom during the day and an event venue for the engineering department at night

The more intimate Mather Memorial Hall Classroom also accommodates instruction and active learning in a technology-enhanced environment. At 583 SF, it can be configured for up to 24. Group collaboration displays allow users to wirelessly connect to the host computer and simultaneously work within the same document. Instructors can display digital files and high-resolution images via multiple, movable high-definition flat-panel displays. The classroom also features a classroom capture system with PTZ cameras and microphone systems, instructor microphones, laptop connectivity, ceiling mounted speakers and a touch panel instructor station.