City of Wichita Advanced Learning Library (“ALL”)

“One of the biggest things that public libraries do these days is to ensure digital inclusion and making sure that nobody is left out because they don’t [have] access to the technology or to the online material. This building just lets us do so much more than we’ve been able to do before in addressing that for Wichitans.”

— Cynthia Berner, Director of Libraries

The Wichita Advanced Learning Library, dubbed the “library of the future,” serves as the primary facility and administrative headquarters for the Wichita Public Library system. At 90,000 GSF, the Wichita Advanced Learning Library creates a community with flexible systems offering ease of use and welcoming access to technology. Some of the state-of-the-art technology featured includes an interactive video wall and an Innovation Space which is inter-connected to the divisible conference space. It features a “maker space,” a digital technology area with shared computers, common meeting areas, teen digital pavilion, and social space, a digital creation booth, and a “baby mosh pit,” an interactive play space in the children’s section.

In addition, a children’s area contains divisible rooms featuring gaming stations, several illuminated activity tables, and an interactive floor where children can play virtual games projected onto the floor from an above projector. These educational and entertainment features will help guests explore new interests. On the first floor of the library, just inside the entrance, there is an attached area including a coffee shop where visitors can study, socialize, listen to music, or relax with a cup of coffee.The library also features staff stationed at a help desk modeled after the “Genius Bar.”

These technology-infused spaces will be a lifelong learning center, educational, conferencing, and reference resource available to kids, entrepreneurs, job seekers, businesses, and to all who visit.


Wichita, KS


GLMV Architecture; H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture


Key Facts

  • 90,000 GSF
  • Budget $30M