Former Chemical Plant Decommissioning

NV5 served as Technical Expert for the City of Vernon, California, during the decommissioning of a former chemical plant. The former plant had elevated concentrations of naturally-occurring thorium-232 and uranium-238.

Specifically, we provided a technical review and recommendations to the City for change or approval of the remedial action contractor’s Remedial Action Plan, Final Site Survey Plan, and Radiological Closure Report. We reviewed all aspects of the decommissioning for thorium and uranium, including surveys, field operations, sampling, radiological analysis, loading, and transport.

NV5 worked closely with the City, the site owner, and the remedial action contractor to ensure remediation goals were met while providing for safe and effective on-site operations.


Vernon, CA


City of Vernon


Key Facts

  • Thorium-232
  • Uranium-238