College Pump Station, Zone 4W Reservoir, and 36″ Transmission Line

College Pump Station, Zone 4W Reservoir, and 36″ Transmission Line

NV5 designed this project which featured advantages in building with one contractor completing the total contract and the design engineer also providing management for Westland.

Major project facilities include:

  • An 8.6MGD initial/19.0MGD ultimate capacity horizontal split case booster pump station at the City’s College Reservoir site with surge control system
  • 15,000 feet of 36-inch transmission line
  • 4.3 million-gallon welded steel reservoir
  • Suction and discharge manifolds with buried isolation valves along with tie-ins
  • Relocation of existing 24 and 30 inch waterlines.

The 4.3 million gallon storage tank featured the latest design standards for above-ground storage reservoirs and was designed to blend in with the surrounding topography.

The tank site development plan included drainage and grading features that allowed for tank placement without impacting the Mirehaven Arroyo (design flow of 1400 cfs) that bordered the site’s northern boundary. The new 36-inch waterline was designed to fit within cross-sections of future arterial streets that will serve the Westland North development and included crossings at seven major arroyos that featured placing the pipe below channel scour depth.


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