Conceptual Storm Water Discharge Compliance Plan

NV5 has been developing a compliance strategy to assist John Wayne Airport (JWA) in reducing long-term regulatory exposure and compliance costs associated with management of storm water under the Industrial General Permit, as well as the Orange County Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. Additionally, NV5 has been evaluating the airport’s opportunities to increase beneficial use of the runoff. Tasks for this project include summarizing existing conditions, modelling of runoff quantities from each discharge point, identification of alternative storm water management measures and preparation of a conceptual storm water management plan.

NV5’s review of available information to assess existing conditions included JWA’s existing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, storm drainage features at JWA, MS4 facilities reeving runoff form JWA and discharging to Upper Newport Bay, sanitary sewer facilities and reclaimed water lines in the vicinity of JWA, prior geological and soils reports for the airport, water usage records and wastewater discharge volumes at the JWA cogeneration plant. Additionally, NV5 modelled storm water runoff from each discharge point for a series of storm frequencies for use in evaluating runoff management options. Development of the model included identification of drainage areas tributary to each discharge point, relative perviousness, grade and soils.

NV5 has been identifying alternative storm water management measures in order to develop a runoff management strategy for the airport. As part of the identification of alternative storm water management measures, NV5 has been reviewing measures implemented or planned for implementation at San Diego and Los Angeles International Airports. NV5 has also been preparing a preliminary evaluation of each of the proposed alternatives. Based on the preliminary evaluations, NV5 has been drafting a conceptual storm water management plan. This conceptual plan includes preliminary recommendations for phasing of the proposed implementation activities. Initial information regarding potential grant opportunities for implementation has also been provided.


Santa Ana, CA


John Wayne Airport


  • Hydrologic Analysis
  • Data Assessment and Reporting
  • GIS Mapping
  • Regulatory Review
  • Industrial Stormwater Permit Support
  • Stakeholder Communication/Outreach

Key Facts

Budget: $20,000
Duration: November 2017 – Present