Cully Park

For 10 years, NV5 assisted the project team, City of Portland, and community stakeholders with this park master plan and development on the site of a former landfill. Our environmental services included recommendations for maintaining the integrity of the landfill liner, modifications to the landfill gas extraction system, and modifications to the leachate collection system to accommodate features of each conceptual plan. The recommendations considered site worker and public safety during and after construction activities.

The addition of Cully Park to the City’s park system has brought a much-needed new recreational area to this part of Northeast Portland.

NV5 also provided planning-level cost estimates for the geotechnical and environmental components of the conceptual plans; and helped to facilitate construction and implement the elements conceptualized by the master plan. We prepared the comprehensive Engineering Design Report, which included a site-specific Health and Safety Plan and a Soil/Solid Waste Management Plan. Our team provided engineering technical support and construction observation.

NV5 served as regulatory liaison for the park developer and coordinated with state and local regulatory agencies on the complex environmental and geotechnical issues associated with this 25-acre redevelopment.


Portland, OR


Key Facts

  • 25 Acres
  • Former Landfill