NV5 - Denver International Airport Chillers

Denver International Airport Chiller Additions

NV5 provided commissioning services for the addition of two new 2,500-ton dual compressor, variable frequency drive centrifugal chillers at Denver International Airport.

Since the design phase had been completed, NV5 reviewed the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)/Basis of Design, the design documents, and product submittals in order to understand the project. Any concerns or perceived differences between the Design and OPR were noted on an issues log and discussed with the project team.

Equipment to be commissioned included AHU-ER2, chillers, chilled water pump, condenser water pump, cooling tower sump pumps, refrigerant collection system, refrigeration monitoring system, and associated control valves and instrumentation.


Denver, CO


Denver International Airport



Key Facts

  • Two 2,500-Ton Chillers
  • Construction Cost $125M
  • Value of Consultant Services $67,000