NV5 Eastern Gateway Redevelopment

Eastern Gateway Redevelopment Concepts

The Eastern Gateway section of Bethlehem’s South Side neighborhood is at the nexus of a greenway and skate park, two major roadways, a residential neighborhood, and the new Sands Casino located on the former home of Bethlehem Steel. The city turned to NV5 to advance the design concepts that had been prepared during a prior community visioning process for the Eastern Gateway.

While our landscape architects and environmental graphics partner designed the streetscape and architectural gateway treatments, our architects and planners worked with a real estate market analyst to prepare redevelopment concepts for several sites in the Eastern Gateway area. The team undertook a thorough review of the City of Bethlehem’s recently updated zoning code. This review was used to inform the preparation of conceptual site development plans, architectural layout, and massing alternatives.

Plans represented the “best fit” for built elements within each parcel. At the same time, design concepts for enhancing the public right of way alongside the proposed architectural interventions were also included. These concepts include traffic calming measures, trees and lighting installed within amenity strips, new open spaces, and bold environmental graphics.


Bethlehem, PA


City of Bethlehem