Elliott Group Centennial Building

Since opening its doors over 100 years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Elliott Group has excelled in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing turbomachinery across the globe. Four years after its conception, the company moved to its current 100-acre location in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. To celebrate their accomplishments and to provide even more room for expansion, Elliott Group added the new 140,000 SF Centennial Building in honor of the company’s 100 years of innovative engineering and steadfast commitment to their customers.

The airy space features vibrantly colored furnishings, ample space for all types of meetings and conferences, and technology designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. All of the audiovisual systems within the building are controlled by touch screen control panels. Three different types of conference rooms are located through the two-story facility, each offering different levels of capabilities. The typical conference rooms are equipped to handle simple telephone conferencing. Both the typical and the audio conference rooms both feature a projection system for presentations. In the video conference rooms, occupants will find dual flat panel displays and a pan-tilt-zoom camera to facilitate visual collaboration. All three types of conference rooms contain a distributed sound system.

The triple divisible conference room offers a unique and flexible space to conduct various-sized meetings, presentations, and other functions. Each of the three sections is outfitted with its own distributed sound system and projection systems with fully integrated audio-conferencing capabilities. These systems can act in tandem and show redundant images when the room is not split, or they can function separately. Additionally, wireless microphones are also provided for presenters, and the dividers that are used to separate the space double as writable surfaces.


Jeannette, PA


KSBA Architects


Key Facts

  • 140,000 GSF
  • Budget $15.5M