NV5 - Argonne National Laboratory Radiation Protection Program

NRC License Applications

Those who wish to possess or use limited scope and broad scope radioactive materials in their work must apply to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or Agreement State for a radioactive material license.

NV5’s health physicists have helped obtain licenses for approximately 50 NRC and Agreement State licensees involved with biomedical research and development, portable gauges, fixed gauges, well logging, exempt distribution, commercial irradiation, and veterinary and medical activities. Our license application packages adhere to NRC and Agreement State guidance and address all elements of the application, including preparing a description of the radioactive materials requested and their intended use, developing an appropriate radiation safety program and standard operating procedures, describing facilities and equipment related to the radiation safety program, and incorporating a radioactive waste management plan. If the licensing agency requests additional information, we assist in preparing a response-to-comments letter and/or participate in meetings until all issues are resolved.

Our clients typically receive their licenses within approximately 3 months of application submittal.






Radiation Safety