EPA Environmental Response Team

Under subcontract to Tetra Tech, NV5 helps the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmental Response Team (ERT) ensure preparedness for potential events involving radioactive or nuclear materials.

As part of our efforts, we help EPA deploy and field test new detection systems, including providing training, functional test procedures, and equipment lists needed to use the equipment in the field. We also perform ongoing functional tests and qualifications of the instruments for deployment readiness, and we train personnel on proper use of the instruments. We pre-deploy to large events, such as the Super Bowl, Final Four, All-Stars Game, and NASCAR races, to place instrumentation and collect baseline radiation monitoring data. As required, we assist field operations staff with radiological monitoring and sampling. If a radiation-related incident or event were to occur, we would assist EPA in the response.

We develop technical use guidelines and quality assurance processes for proper radiological instrument response in various environmental conditions, and we also develop the project-specific QA program, including a formal QA plan, identification and description of potential uses of the instrumentation, and development of corresponding Data Quality Levels (DQLs). We also develop the radiation source control program and the data packages for each radiation instrument case with current calibration data, functional test results, control charts as applicable, instrument manuals, and other necessary documentation for the user in the field. Furthermore, we provide technical assistance in developing EPA’s On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Radiological Response Guidelines.




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